We pulled out all the stops to celebrate the EU's MEDIA Programme with flair and originality across Europe over the course of a year.

25 Years of MEDIA

January - December 2016 — Brussels, Belgium


How to celebrate 25 years of success of one of the most important EU support programmes over the course of a year?

Since 1991, the EU’s MEDIA Programme has helped bring the ideas, dreams and projects of the European audiovisual industry to life. MEDIA has supported the development and distribution of thousands of films as well as training activities, festivals and promotion projects throughout the continent.

To celebrate the programme’s 25th anniversary in 2016, we designed a year-long communication campaign to highlight its successes as well as its capacity to evolve and innovate. We developed a campaign concept to cover video, print, digital and social media. Our campaign slogan “We All Love Stories” was based on the elements of movement, storytelling, emotions and creativity. The campaign’s main focus was the young public and new audiences, while it also targeted general audiences, MEDIA partners, audiovisual industry stakeholders and public authorities.

MEDIA helps bring stories, emotions and entertainment to the people.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, we developed a communication strategy that struck a balance between innovation and continuity.

Charlotte Borras


We produced a series of special videos in several languages to highlight MEDIA’s achievements, including a short video to be played in cinemas, a “manifesto” and five testimonials featuring interviews with actors, directors, screen writers, festival directors, distributors and sales agents. Interviews were shot in Cannes, Paris, Brussels and Berlin.

We promoted MEDIA 25 on social media, using both organic reach and advertising. We also spread the MEDIA 25 message directly through key networks and players we identified, with great results. The original visual signature we designed was applied to all communication activities and events that took place throughout the year.