Create a stimulating and collaborative environment for an annual Staff Day

DG EAC’s Staff Day

13 February 2020 — Genval, Belgium


Create a stimulating and collaborative environment for The Commission's Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) to enjoy their annual Staff Day.

We pulled out all the stops for DG EAC’s annual Staff Day held in Genval’s Château du Lac, just outside Brussels. The Commission’s Directorate General Human Resources selected us for the execution of this important contract.

The special event welcomed over 400 participants. The day was divided into a morning seminar and afternoon team-building activities. Special guests included Emmanuel Salifu, PhD Engineering Fungi for Soil Improvement and Laurence Fisher, three-time Karate World Champion and Ambassador for Sports of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This was the second year our team had the pleasure of organising this collaborative event. Our long-standing positive relationship with the client enabled a smooth and fun day for all. Team building exercises amazed participants of how their collaborative efforts could produce creative simple machines.

Our expert project manager managed the coordination of the catering, booking of the hostesses and photographer, and provided technical support.