Promoting European Food Standards: Managing the EU Pavilion at Food&Hotel Vietnam 2022

EU institutional stand at Food&Hotel Vietnam

7th-9th December 2022 — Saigon, Vietnam


We were recently responsible of organizing and managing the EU institutional stand at Food&Hotel Vietnam in Saigon from 7th-9th December 2022. The project’s aim was to promote and reinforce the European image and key messages regarding the high standards of quality, safety, authenticity, and sustainability of European products.

Its target was a B2B audience, made out of Australian specialized food media and influencers, as well as EU stakeholders. Our responsibilities included building, organizing, and managing the EU institutional pavilion, producing promotional materials, designing the event website, coordinating and producing onsite and online advertising, taking care of the logistics, providing additional staff.

The project's key messages were delivered through 14 cooking shows, an opening ceremony, information sessions combined with cooking shows, and product-oriented sessions delivered by different speakers, covering key topics of EU's Geographical Indications system and its benefits for Australia's premium producers, retailers, and consumers.

The event was a resounding success, attracting a significant number of visitors and reinforcing the European image and its high standards of food quality and safety. Our team’s expertise in events management and promotion was instrumental in achieving the project's goals and delivering a memorable experience for all participants.