Everyone can contribute to a dynamic new identity for the city that brings people together.


2017 — Liège, Belgium


How to promote a redeveloping city in an original way that speaks to people from around the world?

“Liège Together” seeks to improve the perception of the city of Liège and give it the visibility it deserves with a dynamic new visual identity. To attract more inhabitants, students, investors and visitors to Liège, Cecoforma partnered up with Base Design and Kaos Films to develop an ambitious branding project in 2017. The communication concept and strategy are centred around a visual signature that can be applied to a wide array of promotional outlets and events. The central concept is that Liège is “the city that brings people together,” a connected and creative metropole that is open to everyone.

The basic visual design concept is a big L and a big T that work as brackets; a simple sign that you can make with your bare hands and that can be used in endless variations. The brackets form the basis of the interactive “supporter” campaign in which the public is invited to create a poster message promoting Liège. The result has been an international poster and billboard campaign enriched by the clever contributions of supporters reflecting the irreverent humour and originality of the Liègeois. The campaign spread all over Europe and even provoked a playful reaction from the city of Cannes.

Inaugurated during the Tour de France, the “Liège Together” mega sign in front of Liège’s sublime Guillemins train station welcomes visitors and provides a perfect background to photos appearing on social media with the hashtag #Liègetogether.

The website www.Liègetogether.be is the focal point of the campaign, culling together social media contributions and providing information on events in Liège as well as work, study and living opportunities in the city. LiègeTogether is supported by the city of Liège, the province of Liège, Wallonia, the National Lottery and the University of Liège.