Cecoforma has been contracted by DG NEAR (in collaboration with EAC, CONNECT, MOVE, MARE, RTD, among others) to execute all logistics related to the Eastern Partnership (EaP) multi-year, international collaboration.

Eastern Partnership

2016 – 2022 — Europe and beyond


Organising high-profile international conferences to meet the needs of future generations of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) was established as a specific Eastern dimension of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP), which contains both a bilateral and multilateral track. The Eastern Partnership complements the Northern Dimension by providing an institutionalised forum for discussing visa agreements, free trade deals, and strategic partnership agreements with the EU's eastern neighbours. The beneficiary countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The key focus of the Eastern Partnership includes the achievement of visible results for the citizens in the partner countries. This resulted in 20 deliverables of Eastern Partnership cooperation for 2020.

Our project managers fully deliver on an extensive contract including the organisation of participant travel, daily allowances, venue selection and management, print materials, online participation management and conference kits; to name just a few. Our multilingual team ensures a smooth execution of events in all countries included in the Eastern Partnership. Our team continues to hone their skills and boosts excellent decision-making ability skills, capacity to work in stressful situations, outstanding problem-solving capacity, strong financial and budgeting skills and solid public relations skills. Additionally, all project managers are well-versed on EU Institutions, procedures and political mechanisms. All of this leads to high client satisfaction.

Annually, we organise over 130 events per year within this specific collaboration with between 50-70 people attending the conferences. Additionally, each year holds a diverse range of major larger events of varying level and sizes (Annual Conference, Business Forum, Civil Society Forum, etc.). Such events could vary from 150 to 250, sometimes reaching 700 people.

A milestone event included the High-Level Conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership in Brussels, 14 May 2019. Cecoforma’s strong know how enabled the top-quality organisation of this event, attended by Heads of States and Heads of Delegations, Commissioners as well as representatives from different categories of society and projects.

​A huge thank you to everyone whose contribution made this event such a roaring success.

Reactions from participants have been overwhelmingly positive, not least President Juncker's personal thanks to Cecoforma's team leader.

-Stephen Sadler, Team Leader - Eastern Partnership Coordination