Youth participation in the context of the European elections.

EU Youth Week 2024

12-19 April 2024 — Brussels, Belgium


The EU Youth Week 2024 officially kicked off on the 12th of April on the premises of the European Parliament. For a full week, activities unfolded across the European Union, all centred on incentivising youth participation in the European elections with the theme "Voice Your Vision."

A vast amount of activities took place in this interval to empower young voices and promote active participation in shaping the future of Europe. And here's a glimpse of what we were able to celebrate in Brussels:

🗣️ We organised a high-level policy dialogue featuring 15 young Europeans alongside Margaritis Schinas and Iliana Ivanova, fostering insightful discussions on democracy and the European elections.

🌍 We hosted a DiscoverEU meetup, where 25 young Europeans were selected to explore Brussels, immerse themselves in its culture, and engage with the heart of European democracy.

🏛️ We created an indoor exhibition, transforming the European Parliament into a vibrant marketplace, with 20 DGs showcasing their activities and initiatives.

🌿 We set up an outdoor exhibition on the esplanade of the European Parliament, featuring 35 national organisations and their inspiring projects, highlighting the diversity and innovation of youth initiatives across Europe.

With the European Youth Week 2024 now behind us, we can definitely say we were inspired by the incredible experiences and insights shared by both policymakers and participants. We hope that this event helped solidify the message that their voice is essential, that their voice matters and that their vision shapes our future.

We are proud of the cecoforma team that made European Youth Week 2024 possible: Hibo Ip, Chiara Ceccarelli, Waraima G., Kristine Montalla, Alexandra Hegarty.