Raise awareness of DG EMPL’s initiative of individual learning accounts

Individual Learning Accounts

4-5 March 2021 — Brussels, hybrid online


Raise awareness of DG EMPL’s initiative of individual learning accounts

Contracted by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, cecoforma has been tasked for this exceptional two-day event, including pre-event promotion and post-event reporting. Our project managers were assigned to send GDPR-compliant invitations to participants; create a registration page and the digital hub website; set up the streaming page; manage social media content; create the event’s digital visuals; rent a studio space and coordinate the technical crew. We opted to use the existing space as a background for the set to create the effect of a modern, dynamic, television studio. Three cameras were used to film the moderator from different angles. We also enabled to see remote speakers interacting with the in-studio moderator on screen through real-time video relay.

Beyond this, we have produced two videos for social media promotion pre- and post-event. To ensure maximum fluidity of the event we also offered a technical briefing to the speakers as well as hired an interpreter. In order to report on the event’s perception by the participants, we also created and shared the results of a participants’ survey.

cecoforma has a proven track record of organising high calibre events with prominent figures. This particular event included: Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights; Élisabeth Borne, Minister of Labour, Employment and Economic Inclusion in France; and Joost Korte, Director General, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission. cecoforma has strengthened its position as a leader in organising online events since the launch of cecoforma’s digital tool: Beyond. The format of this online event combined all the best practices and lessons learnt from the digital environment and offered a dynamic format comparable to a television programme.

Our project managers have been working closely with this DG on its events for some time and thus, have a good understanding of the objectives and were very attentive to ensure the deliverables of the project.

This interactive event attracted 957 registered participants. Feedback from participants indicated a high level of satisfaction with the quality of the event and they found the communication leading up to and after it was extremely good.

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