Inspiring encounter of the humanitarian community

European Humanitarian Forum 2024

18-19 March 2024 — Brussels, Belgium


One of our most inspiring events of the past month is the European Humanitarian Forum 2024! 🌟

cecoforma had the incredible honour of organising the European Humanitarian Forum 2024, a gathering that brought together over 1400 representatives from across the humanitarian community, EU Member States, and beyond. It was a testament to collaboration and solidarity in addressing pressing global challenges.

With a collective pledge of over €7.7 billion for humanitarian funding in 2024, the European Union and its Member States showcased their unwavering dedication to global solidarity and leading the charge in humanitarian action. 🇪🇺 ✊

At the heart of the Forum, the EU and Member States pledged to address conflict and safeguard humanitarian space, and the forum participants prioritised compliance with International Humanitarian Law. Moreover, the event championed equity and inclusivity, advocating for the meaningful involvement of local actors, particularly those from marginalized communities. It underscored the importance of long-term solutions grounded in the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. 🤝

A special thanks goes out to our dedicated colleagues, whose efforts, both strategically and logistically, made the European Humanitarian Forum 2024 possible. Your dedication and hard work have been instrumental in making the EHF 2024 a resounding success.

Let's carry forward this momentum, strengthen cooperation, and create a brighter future for all.