Unite cultural and creative sectors’ stakeholders to assess progress and map out future goals

Flipping The Odds

29 January 2020 — Brussels, Belgium


Unite cultural and creative sectors’ stakeholders to assess progress and map out future goals

The European Commission Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) has contracted cecoforma in collaboration with Goethe Institute to organise the conference “Cultural and Creative Ecosystems: FLIPping the odds”. The conference was held back-to-back with “Access to Finance for Cultural and Creative Industries” and was designed to be a stock-taking seminar with Member States under the EU Workplan for Culture 2019-22. The event hosted 180 participants.

The aim of the conference was to unite cultural and creative sectors’ stakeholders to assess progress and outline future goals within the sector. Hosting the event back-to-back with the conference with cultural and creative sectors (CCS) stakeholders organised by the project “FLIP (Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting) for CCIs”, created added synergies by enabling sector participants to interact with government officials the next day.

FLIP stands for Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting. It is a pilot project co-funded by the EU with the main objective to support healthy and sustainable ecosystems for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) with respect to key policy areas.

Our passionate project managers used their expertise to professionally execute all logistics to ensure a tight execution of the conference.

La Vallée Creative Hub in Molenbeek (Brussels) was carefully selected by our team to emulate the innovative spirit and the event’s focus on creativity; set in a former industrial building and located outside the usual venue circuit for policy maker events.

In the organisation stage, we coordinated the design concepts and the production of communication materials to ensure adequate visibility during the event.

We also assisted the speakers and experts attending the conference during the registration process, as well as booking their travel and accommodation.

We worked with some of the industry’s best photographers, AV operators, technicians, hostesses and event assistants as they have proven to be our solid collaborators on numerous events.

Special guests included Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth; Tamás Szucs, Director, DG EAC; and Yvon Jadoul, Secretary General, SMART Coop; among many others. The full event brochure can be found here.

​“Thanks again for your outstanding professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm, flexibility, perfectionism, patience, friendliness, super collaborative spirit, humour, creativity and whatever else it took to turn this event into such a successful event!” -client

“Thank you for a nice conference. The venue was very special.” –participant

“Thank you for the great professionalism. It was such a relief to know we can rely on you to get the job done and focus on other things.” -Goethe Institute