Raising awareness of the merits of EU food products and quality standards in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam

ASEAN Boost Campaign

June 2020 - December 2021 — Japan, Singapore and Vietnam


Raise awareness of the merits of EU food products and quality standards in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam

Cecoforma has been tasked with promoting B2B and B2C communication campaigns as part of an 18-month contract for Chafea (Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency) in several identified Asian countries.

The purpose of the campaign is to promote European food, agricultural products and quality standards in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam from June 2020 to December 2021. In so doing, the aim is to increase demand for imports and sales of EU products from specific product categories. The campaign is raising general awareness of EU food products and informing about their merits: quality, authenticity, quality labels, and safety.

Cecoforma is helping to achieve these goals by reinforcing the presence, information and promotion of EU food products in retail chains; increasing and maintaining contact opportunities with B2B food professionals, particularly through B2B technical seminars; implementing effective communication tactics to support and give visibility to the B2C and B2B initiatives. The B2B target audience includes importers, distributors, buyers and retailers and HoReCa representatives with an interest in buying European food products

The B2C target audience includes affluent consumers from urban areas. As well, multipliers representing specialised and general media; and B2B associations and organisations are also being targeted.

In Japan and Vietnam, ‘The Perfect Match' campaign highlights the merits of Japanese-European and Vietnamese-European fusion foods.

The ‘More than Food’ campaign in Singapore tells the story of centuries of tradition through EU agricultural food and beverage products.

Cecoforma is coordinating B2C communication campaigns in cooperation with major retail chains with national coverage to promote selected European products by providing in-store demonstrations (tastings, special events with live cooking shows, lottery games, and more). Cecoforma's experienced project managers have identified a list of EU food products (dairy, olive oil, meat and fruits and vegetables) available in each country and manages all aspects of the local event coordination. This has included: creating a pop-up stand; identifying staff: hiring and briefing (hostesses, chef, photographer, animator); managing and proposing all communication channels for promoting the actions (ties-up, web banner, partnership with the food chains; managing select social media accounts; creating visuals and copywriting the content; designing and producing goodies (cotton bags, brochures, pens); preparing a satisfaction survey (hostesses with tablets in supermarkets). Cecoforma also successfully organised many out-of-home (OOH) advertising including on high-traffic subway lines.

Additionally, B2B seminars are organised in each country through specialised food fairs/events actors.

Further information about these campaigns can be found on the dedicated websites:

Japan - https://europa.eu/food-match-j...

Singapore - https://www.morethanfood.sg/

Vietnam - https://foodmatcheu.vn/