To tweet or not to tweet? We supported the EU MEDIA Programme's social media presence with solid strategy and clever copy.

Twitter for MEDIA

2016-2018 — Brussels, Belgium


How to consult on social media strategy and draft content for the European Commission programme supporting the European audiovisual sector?

The MEDIA Programme supports the European film and audiovisual industries with the development, distribution and promotion of their work. Cecoforma has played an active part in developing the programme’s social media strategy and content since its Twitter account was created in February 2016.

For the promotion of the MEDIA Programme’s 25th anniversary in 2016, we created an intense volume of content for the MEDIA Programme’s Twitter account during the Berlinale and the Cannes Film Festival. We also produced content for the “25 Weeks” Twitter campaign which highlighted MEDIA’s work in a different country each week.

MEDIA launched the #euFilmContest in January 2017, which gave the European public a chance to win a trip to the Cannes Film Festival. Cecoforma created and coordinated the competition’s website and designed and implemented a social media campaign strategy. As the campaign ran for over three months, tweets had to be continually adapted and varied. Our efforts were successful, with around 9.000 people participating in the contest from all over Europe. This called for an encore, and a second edition of the contest in 2018 attracted over 11.000 participants.

Starting in January 2017 we took on a more permanent role as Twitter consultant for MEDIA, consulting on and drafting content on a weekly basis. In collaboration with the client, we produced content covering ongoing activities such as MEDIA supported festivals, calls for proposals, new studies and financing initiatives. We also promoted the European Film Forums and MEDIA supported films and activities at top festivals and during special campaigns.

We've built up a great collaboration with MEDIA which gives us a good understanding of the context the programme works in and allows us to contribute insightfully to their communication strategy.

Social media is a constantly shifting terrain. The MEDIA staff knows that we're always available to them and ready to get creative and adapt according to the needs of the moment.

Maya Taal